We Need A Jefferson

When a Frenchman who had visited Thomas Jefferson’s Unted States retuned to France, he was asked about the government. He described it as being neither seen nor felt. That description is quite contrary to our current government, which is unhealthily bloated. Our Federal Government could use a significant trim, as it is fair too engrossed in the daily lives of its people. 

When government can be felt, it means that the institution is encroaching on civil liberties and human rights. However, when people value a false sense of security they tend be indifferent about losing their rights, and are alarmed when they are neither safe or free. By the time they realize their fate it is often too late to use reason to gain liberty back. In order to avoid this, we need men and women to stand up for our liberty. 

We need a Jefferson. There are several men who stand up for liberty in the public sector. Men such as Justin Amash, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Derrick Grayson. In the presidential race Rand Paul is the most consistent advocate of Liberty outside of the Libertarian Party. Within the party there are men like Governor Johnson, Austin Petersen and Steve Kerbel. 


Monticello, Jefferson’s home
Some how these men need to have their message put out into the mainstream. However most of the media tends to ignore them, because the media thrives on a big government. If Liberty is to be advanced, we must create our own media and promote ourselves. We must support those who fight for Liberty and not quibble over the small differences. We must stand up and stop sabotaging ourselves. 

When this is done, maybe then we can find our Jefderson, a man who stands on principle. A man who downsizes the government and cuts spending. A man who reads the bills. Americans need someone who will not regulate everything to death, a leader who will encourage free market competition. Until then we will continue to lose our freedom. 

Freedom is only scary when one refuses to take responsibility for themselves. Freedom is uncomfortable, yet gratifying. Freedom gives one self respect. When comfort is valued above responsibility, we become like the Israelites of old, who feared death and begged for the comfort of slavery. However, there is no true comfort in slavery, whether it be to the government or to a plantation owner. There is only the perception of comfort. The slave cannot do with himself what he deems best for himself. The slave must do as he is told. No one with self respect can put up with this violation of liberty for long. They will find a way to fight the injustice and will support a leader like a Jefferson or a Douglass.