The Beauty of Thinking Differently

Among the American people there is much diversity of thought. In the past, Americans were able to hold political discussions, and progress would be made. Many Americans have strong disagreements, yet we seem to take offense at every disagreement we have. Names are called, racial slurs hurled out, and no progress is made. 

This is incredibly prevalent in the Black-American community. The only individuals that are allowed to speak out without fear of insult are liberals. Seemingly, one can destroy his own community with bad policy, but if he is a liberal, he is celebrated. This is a problem that is attempting to spread itself like a virus across America. 

We as Americans have become soft in the mind. We have no skin at all, just bones. We hate to admit when we are wrong, and we refuse to agree to disagree. The time has come for us to stop worrying about who gets offended and start worrying about our country. If we, as freedom loving Americans, lose the ability to think differently, our country will be lost. 

Many brilliant men and women with brilliant ideas have been silenced or ignored in urban communities. These individuals have real solutions and ideas to problems, however they are hated because they make no excuses. The schools have indoctrinated children into perpetual victim hood. Now many young people use their circumstances as a crutch or an excuse for failure.

Failure is presented as inevitable, a condition that can only be cured by the government. One is free to think that way, however, as soon as an individual decides to think that he can achieve greatness without government help and does it; he is labeled a sellout. I do not know of any other race that labels success stories as sell outs, nor have I ever seen such glorification of victim hood. 

This problem has spread from Black men and women to a small but vocal group of white women. They call themselves “feminists”, they claim to be strong and independent, and yet they blame everything on white men. If one dares to disagree with them, he or she is labeled a misogynist. This is what we call censorship, where a small group controls every aspect of communication. 

These socialists do this so that they can condition people into believing them without fact checking. Both groups lie to get the population in their favor. They do not relish the beauty of thinking differently. They do not wish to deal with facts, they simply ride on emotions and gut feelings. 

America must wake up before all intelligent thought and dissent is wiped out. Thinking the same is more robotic than human, and our nation needs to embrace the challenge of dialogue. Once dialogue is destroyed, all discussion will be nebulous diatribe, a worthless breathing of hot air. 

I love America and would hate for this to happen. I hope that in the near future more diverse thought will be welcomed in society. Freedom must prevail in America or else we will have nowhere to go. Stay vigilant and speak the your mind without fear, and do not get offended at disagreement and discussion.  


Uncontrolled Anger

In Baltimore a man’s neck was allegedly snapped. He was a person of color. Naturally the citizens wanted to protest this atrocity. However a group of fools decided to ruin what started as a peaceful protest by starting fights and smashing windows of cars and businesses. They even fought baseball fans who were at bars by the Orioles’ stadium. 

Now all the protestors are lumped in with the rioters and blacks are being characterized as animals who can’t protest peacefully. It is upsetting when a group of fools with no self control destroys something that could have been great. It is enraging when black folks on Twitter dismiss the actions of those fools and say it was an emotional reaction. 

Of course it was an emotional reaction! That’s the problem! They reacted emotionally when they should have reacted with their heads. To all my non-black friends, black people as a whole are not this stupid and do not all riot and destroy cars. Many of us simply want to peacefully protest. 

However, the few can ruin the many, as displayed in these past few months. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We vote for our own slavery to the government, we refuse to parent our children, and then we complain that white people have it so good. Maybe if children were taught self control, and maybe if we didn’t vote for our own slavery, maybe if we didn’t drop out of high school, maybe then we could get ahead.

Whenever I say I’m not weak, or I’m not a victim, it is a fellow black man or woman who tears me down and calls me names for daring to love freedom. They only times I have ever been called a coon was by black women in Twitter. They wouldn’t dare say it to my face. This is our problem. Whenever someone decides they want to succeed in a different way and does not think robotically democratic, he becomes an Uncle Tom for daring to disagree.

This is stupidity, an Uncle Tom is someone who actively tries to destroy the black community. If one believes in personal responsibility and freedom from the government, he is not an Uncle Tom. If one condemns foolish rioting, he is not an Uncle Tom. If one preaches self control, he is not an Uncle Tom. If one dares to disagree, he is not an Uncle Tom. By no means! Rather, he is a free thinking man who is not bound by society’s thoughts. 

In conclusion, friends, control your anger, control your joy. Control yourself and you will be respected. Uncontrolled anger and rioting is not becoming of any man. When there is something to protest, protest as men and women, not little boys and girls. Maturity is respected, and expected. 

An American Story

Marco Rubio announced that he will be running for President of the United States yesterday. In that speech he highlighted an inspirational personal story of American Exceptionalism. His story, and his talent in public speaking, could capture the hearts of Americans. 


While This author agrees with most of Rand Paul’s ideas more than Rubio’s, Marco has excited the author for the upcoming debates. He has a likable personality and an awesome family. The only problem he may have is regaining trust after his amnesty debacle. He is talented enough in communicating to do that. 

Marco Rubio Announces Campaign

What makes this author the most excited about Rubio is that he is so proud to be an American and he wants America’s future to be better for his children and his children’s children. However while being proud of America he still hasn’t forgotten his ethnic heritage, which is important because many think it is not possible. 

Rubio inspires a positive feeling about America. A feeling Americans haven’t felt with the current president. A feeling Americans will not feel if Hillary Clinton is elected. This man is quick on his feet and knows how express his beliefs and his message. 


This is appealing, as well as the fact that he can actually give a good speech. Political speeches have become bland in recent years, however, Rubio captures and holds the listeners attention. He speaks with clarity and passion. If this man wins the primary, Americans must support him in the general election. 

If we fail to do so we will have no one to blame for the problems we will face other than ourselves. I hope my fellow Americans will rise and strive for American excellence once again. The hope of America lies in its voters, if the voters speak we can change the course of the nation for the better. 

As we move into this season, I challenge everyone to stick to arguing policies and fact, and to stay away from personal attacks. Personal attacks only discredits those who make them, it makes them look jealous and hateful. These attacks should not exist in politics.

Unfortunately they do, however the main issue here is the future of our country. Are we going to regress economically, or move forward with purpose and responsibility? The choice is yours America! Your fate lies in your hands! Make a wise choice! 


Religious Freedom vs. Jim Crow

A really good way to anger me is to compare Jim Crow laws to the Religious Freedom Laws. First of all, the fact that these laws are deemed necessary at all shows the hypocrisy of those crying out for tolerance. However, allowing a couple to buy whatever they want until they ask you to do something you don’t want to participate in is nothing like Jim Crow. 

Black people, unless light enough to pass for white, could not hide their blackness and still cannot. Comparing this to two men who walk into a bakery is ludicrous. They only way you can tell if they are gay is if they actually advertise it. No one cares if they buy food, but if they ask for a wedding cake that the baker doesn’t feel comfortable making, they should not be able to force the baker to bake the cake. 

Comparing this situation to Jim Crow is absurd and offensive. There is a difference between not being about to get a sandwich at a restaurant because of skin color and not getting a cake because the baker doesn’t support the event it is for. Throwing around Jim Crow as a comparison is offensive to the history of my biological ancestors in this country. 

The real solution to this absurd insanity would be to get marriage out of the hands of the government and making it religious like it used to be. The government should not dictate marriage at all. It should be a private contract. However we have become too socially Marxist to accept this, and the federal government has become our god. Hopefully we can take our liberty back, and rely on the first amendment which should be enough to defend our small businesses and all religions. 

God Bless America. 

Welfare: Does It Really Help? 

“Everybody has asked the question. . .”What shall we do with the Negro?” I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are wormeaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! I am not for tying or fastening them on the tree in any way, except by nature’s plan, and if they will not stay there, let them fall. And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!” 

-Frederick Douglass

Welfare, the great force of governmental compassion for poor people. Or so we think. What has welfare done to develop the poor man’s skills? Not much at all. In fact, it has taught the poor man to rely on the government and its handouts for survival. This dependency is hardly compassionate. 

True compassion would be a true and helpful education that caters to the poor man’s needs. One that is practical and can be executed with great affects. True compassion would be allowing the poor teenager to work for a low wage and learn skills on the job. This would allow the poor teenager to be promoted. However, the minimum wage law hinders employers from hiring cheap and unskilled labor. 

The major issue with the current welfare system is that there is no incentive to work, for as soon as the poor man starts to earn money at a certain rate, the benefits of welfare are taken away. If the system penalizes looking for or aquiring a job, what man would risk losing his benefits? In the contrary, he would not risk losing money unless the job paid well enough to live. 

If young people were allowed to work for low pay, buy the time they would be on their own, they would have developed skills that would allow them a higher paying job. However, the current system does not allow for this to happen. Instead, it makes it harder for young people to get a job, while the one in welfare does not want to get a job for fear of loosing money. 

The welfare system also increases taxes on the middle and upper class, who often supply consumerism and jobs. This hinders the economy from growing as there is less incentive to take risks in business and hiring. Therefore with less job creators, there are less jobs. The less jobs there are, the fewer middle class citizens there are and the more dependent the society becomes. 

The affect in the family is also hurtful, as the male becomes expendable and the government takes its place. This pattern keeps the welfare dependency firmly in place, as mothers have a hard time being able to balance the hardships of parenting and providing for a family alone. This is hardly compassionate and the social results are often tragic. The children have less guidance without another parent and adversely affect the neighborhood and their own future.

Citizens should keep most of what they earn in their own pockets for their own private use. They should be able to give it to charities so that those who are in need or are on welfare for reasons they cannot change can get help. Welfare for an able minded, able bodied person is, however, not sympathetic nor is it helpful. If a man or woman can work he should work. Work is a good thing. It builds character and strength and builds the nation. Work commands respect. 

Welfare does not command respect, nor does it build character or skill. If a person is idle, that is not good for neither himself nor the rest of society. That person could get into all kinds of trouble, when work could develop him and help mature him. Welfare is not sympathetic, it is patronizing, demeaning and though its intentions may be good, the results are not desirable. In essence, welfare as a system and not a safety net is not helpful to able minded and able bodied people. 

Why Black Americans Identify as Black

Many conservatives on Twitter seem to get upset whenever a Black man or woman proudly declares the obvious. It seems as though they think that we must forget our color completely to become fully American. However I’ve never seen anyone get angry at my grandfather for being proud of his Irish heritage. Nor has anyone chided my grandmother for proudly declaring her Italian ancestry. However, when an American Black celebrates his blackness, there seems to be a problem. 

Most American Blacks who celebrate their blackness are not doing so because they think black is better than white. Furthermore when black Americans celebrate, they are celebrating their history and culture. They cannot celebrate being Jamaican, Nigerian or any other nationality of origin because they are American, and they know not which exact tribes or countries they came from. 

However, the American Black is fully American, yet peculiarly different, as are Irish Americans, Italian Americans and others of European ancestry. Those of European ancestry can celebrate the culture they came from. They have festivals and local holidays. However, the American Black has none. There are African Fests, but the American black is hardly African and many times will not connect with that festival. Some do, and others are immigrants from Africa. 

There is no problem with the American Black celebrating Africa, however, how should he celebrate if he wants to celebrate others like himself? Is he not allowed to proclaim his pride in a past of struggle, failure, triumph and glory? If he forgets his color completely, he will not remember who he is, or where his ancestors came from, or what great black Americans have done. He will only know bits and pieces of his history. 

American Blacks can be black and still be fully American, just as an Irish American or Italian American can be. He is no less or no more American than any other ethnic American. There should be nothing wrong with a black man being confident as black and American. Simply look at the way he has fought in wars for America, and fear not, for the American Black is fully American. 

Opinion: Israel and America 

When crisis and danger infringes on a nations’ freedom, even its existence, it is only natural for that nation, no matter how strong it may be, to seek out and alliance. Israel, strong as it is, sought out the United States of America. However the United States does not wish to be in any more wars. This is understandable and noble. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu Addresses the United States

Even so, when an ally is in dire need of protection, one should not turn its back and negotiate with a treacherous common enemy. This enemy has lied about its intentions with Nuclear weapons and stated many times that Israel must be wiped off the earth. How the United States could even conceive of a “deal” with them is beyond comprehension. 

This deal which would allow the nation of Iran the means to develop and arm Nuclear weapons not only endangers Israel, but it also endangers the United States and the rest of the world. Putting dangerous weapons in the hands of leaders who have been treacherous and irresponsible in the past is dangerous and foolhardy. 

If the United States does not want to go to war, she will not make a deal with Iran. She will instead look at the past and consider the future. She will understand the danger involved with her foolish politics. America must be wise and carefully consider where her actions are taking her. 

If the President of the United States does make a bad deal with Iran, the world will be in more danger. The prayer of many is that he will have wisdom in his decisions in the near future. Mr. President, consider your country and put it above personal ambitions. In many cases our goals are not aligned with yours. Yet, you are our leader and you represent us, so represent us well.