Why I Have Never Been A Democrat

Growing up, I have always loved history. My mother taught me until sixth grade, and fed my love for history. Both of my parents are Christian conservatives, and that influenced me as I grew up. However, I did not learn much about the history of the Republicans and Democrats until I read a book by David Barton. It was called Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White. 

Barton explains the history of Black Americans in the history of America. He pointed to a book by William Cooper Nell entitled The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution. That book opened my eyes to a history of America often overlooked, or skimmed over. It goes through different states in America and talks about the black veterans in each state, and also the progress of blacks and Americans in the 1800s.

This book simply reinforced my American pride. I was already proud to be an American, but finding out there was more to the American Revolution than simply James Armistead Lafayette and Crispus Attucks was amazing. Then, David Barton went on to talk about Reconstruction and the issues surrounding it. In high school history, the textbook usually mentions Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington. However, Barton talked about these men who were in Congress, all Republicans, and all self-educated men who made something of themselves after being freed from slavery.

The first black congressmen in the United States.
The first black congressmen in the United States.

These men are talked about more in-depth in the book Capitol Men: The Epic Story of Reconstruction Through The Lives of the First Black Congressmen. When looking at the policies of the Republicans and Democrats then and now, my Republicanism was reinforced. Why should I vote for the party that didn’t think I was fully human back then, and currently would rather have had me aborted than adopted? Why would I vote for the party who was scared to let people who look like me vote back then, and now thinks I am too stupid to get an ID to vote?

One party treats me like an American man, and the other party treats me like a child in need of parenting. I already have my parents, and they have done a good job. I do not need the government to help me based on my skin color. I don’t need affirmative action, I don’t need special treatment. All I need from the government is to be left alone. I have never been a Democrat, and never will be.

That being said, my allegiance is to my God and not to any party. While I may be a Republican now, I am a Christian, a sinner who is saved by grace, and I will not carry the party line when my conscience tells me not to. Right now, America needs to get back to the small government we were built on. We need to return to freedom. Hopefully one of the presidential candidates will bring that about.


We’ve Been Sold Out

Obama got his deal. This deal, to many, borders on treason. If it is not treason against America, it certainly is a stab in the back of our greatest ally, Israel. Obama needed 34 votes to pass the treaty through the Senate. This is a blow to the stability in the Middle East.

How we can ignore the threat of a nation, who vows to destroy Israel, and vows to break the agreement in said treaty, is beyond me. The Senate should treat the deal as a treaty. They still can according to Andrew McCarthy. However, they have allowed themselves to push this dangerous deal through. The main issue with this deal is that we cannot trust Iran to comply.

Also, there are apparently some incredibly bad concessions in the deal. Iran is allegedly allowed to inspect themselves, which makes it easier for them to hide nuclear weapons. If this allegation is true, the American leadership has let down the world. Iran with nuclear capability makes the world a more dangerous place.

All of this aside, since when, in America, are government officials allowed to hide important information from voters and not heed their concerns? Since when do we bypass our legislature and appeal to the United Nations? We the people of America should be the priority of our diplomats, not some personal goal or feel good mission.

American patriots have been promoting a Convention of States to reel in our government. This action needs to be taken sooner than later, so that we can retain our rights, and have the government work for us. We need major reform in our government, and the people should stand up and demand it. Hopefully Republicans in the Senate fight in the next week, but i doubt that they will.

The GOP loves to promise action, but always seems to fail. The GOP is just as responsible as the Democrats. If we use our majority we could actually challenge the establishment. However, too many of the Republicans are part of the establishment. The Republican Majority in the Senate would surprise me greatly if they took a stand. Hopefully they will.

War on Police

The police in America are under attack. Instead of simply condemning the bad officers, we are now collectively condemning the whole profession. Irresponsible leaders have called for the killing of police officers. This action holds in contempt not only police officers, but all of the law-abiding citizens.

When officers are threatened with their lives in this way, it hinders them from performing their jobs to the best of their ability. In turn, this leaves law-abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals. the idea that all police officers are terrible humans simply because of a few bad officers, is just as idiotic as the idea that all black people are thugs. There needs to be a condemnation of lawless people who murder police officers in cold blood.

For the most part, if one is a law-abiding citizen, one will not have problems with officers. There are cases where this is not true, however, that is not the norm. The issue we have now in America is the idea that people can do whatever they want without consequences. That is wrongheaded thinking. Anarchy inevitably leads to tyranny.

The people of the United States of America need to stand up for police officers. We also need to stand up for just laws. America cannot afford to be destroyed from within by empty rhetoric and violent outbreaks. We, as a people, need to unite and stand for true justice. Murdering police officers is not justice.

The hatred perpetuated by certain groups of people should not be tolerated. Free speech should be allowed, but hate speech is not free for anyone. The hatred of police will not change laws. The killing of police will only incur worse laws. The men and women who think violence is the answer are wrong. Violence only hurts the cause unless it is in defense. These murders are not in defense, they are offensive, and thus they are unjust.

Americans should stand for truth and justice, and rise up together, and speak loudly about the issues. We need to speak louder than those who spew hate, and make love the lasting cry of our generation. We need to speak loudly about the evils of murder, and show with love that it is never the answer. Together we must save our nation from destroying itself. The division cannot be tolerated. It must be condemned.

State’s Rights, Alaska, and Outrage

Obama changed the name of Mt. McKinley back to Mt. Denali, and Twitter is angry! Except, when I looked up the issue, I found that Alaska has been desiring this change since 1975. Also, a Republican from Alaska sponsored the bill. Now Ohio Republicans, who apparently are not friends of federalism, want to fight the ruling.

What alarms me the most about this issue is the fact that Americans, no matter what ideology, react before getting the whole story. We jump to accuse very quickly when something happens, even if it doesn’t affect us personally. To attack Obama on this before receiving all the facts is very irresponsible.

The same collective outrage occurred when Mrs. Obama danced on Ellen. She didn’t do anything outrageous, so let her dance! The idea that Alaska cannot name its own natural landmarks however they desire is anti-federalism and pro big government. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail, considering most of the outrage is coming from outside of Alaska. The only reason Alaska asked Obama to issue an executive order was because Ohio kept blocking the bill.

Alaska is a state, and therefore can use federalism to change the name of parks and landmarks in their state. They did just that, and considering Mt. Denali is the original name, I have no qualms about it. Federalism is pretty cool America. It allows states to take care of local issues so that the national government can stay at a reasonable size.

Do Not Tell Me That I Am Incapable Because I Am Black

One pattern in politics in America that makes me the most angry is when so called “Liberals” tell me what I am and am not capable of doing. These fools blabber on and on about how as a black man, I am so terribly oppressed. They talk about police as if they are out to get me. They tend to assume that I am stupid and need government help. 

Well, I’ll tell you what! The only help I need is from God, the only support I need is from friends and family. Family is the only place where socialism works. Bigger government telling me what to do will not work. There is a simple rule, if a man does not work, he does not eat. In the year of 2015, no college can legally discriminate on race, they discriminate in performance. 

That is, unless you are a poor oppressed black soul who made stupid decisions in his life. Then you are accepted with far lower qualification standards than white people. However if we are Americans, should we not be judged the same as everyone else? Are we not capable of using our God-given brain power? 

If a sports team enacted affirmative action for white people because “they aren’t athletic enough” people would say how ridiculous the idea is. Talent should be the measuring stick, nor skin color, right!? If a man cannot get into a certain college, he can go to a smaller college to prove himself. 

Whatever happened to earning your stripes? Now we just pat everyone on the back no matter how hard they tried and give them a trophy. This also goes for the fools who think I cannot get a photo I. D. because I am black. What kind of stupidity is that!? No one has the right to tell me what I can and cannot achieve because of my skin color! I get to tell YOU what I can do. That is how a free society works. 

Doctor King once quoted a poem that stated that the mind is the standard of the man. What do you do with your brain? How do you use it? Do you argue for division? Do you argue on behalf of all Americans!? “American am I, none can deny, he who oppresses me, him I defy!” Those are the words of Langston Hughes, and the only ones attempting to oppress me are the liberals who are stuck repeating that “black people can’t”. I defy them! 

I hope that before I die I can tell these Regressive Democrats that are clinging to Confederate rhetoric about how inferior black folks are that they are wrong, and point to how I lived my life. Or simply look at Sowell, Dr. Carson, an Allen West. They are a slap in the face to this DNC nonsense. Now we just need to realize our potential as AMERICANS. 

Is Donald Trump Truly a Conservative? 

Recently everyone has been fighting over The Donald. His supporters are rabid and get offended if one asks a tough question on policy. His haters also lash out. The real question that should be asked whithout emotion being involved is whether or not he is really conservative. 

Donald Trump came into the race with a bang because of his anger about illegal immigration. He stated that a wall should be put up. This started a firestorm and waves of people supported him. The problem is this isn’t consistent, he once said the GOP was too hard on immigrants. Has he really changed? 

Another big issue is abortion. He stated that because his friend decided to have her child, and that it was a cool child, he became anti-abortion. Recently, he also said he would still support planned parenthood. So which way is it Mr. Trump? Either you are for life or you are against it! There is no in between. 

Trump also stated his support for the single-payer healthcare system. This is a system that Canada runs. Conservative Republicans have fought this system for a while now, but he wants to replace Obamacare with it. I guess the two doctors, Paul and Carson, must be stupid for supporting health savings accounts. 

The only issue Trump is consistently conservative on is his flat tax plan. He has a very good tax plan that would get rid of all the paperwork and could be filled out on a postcard. This is the problem with Trump. As entertaining as he is, he keeps talking about “Making America Great Again”, but doesn’t ever give details. We can only get outlines and sketches, and even those are sketchy.

I hope Conservatives wake up and elect a true conservative like Cruz or Paul, they don’t have “Hope and Change” rhetoric, they have facts. They vote on principle. They do not back down from liberals in both parties. They have been consistently fighting for the American people. Trump just came in at an opportune time.