Bipartisan Statism

Our country is fractured and so are the political parties. We can combat these problems by fighting for liberty and justice for all.


As a country, we have made the same mistake we made eight years ago. We allowed cult of personality to trump reason. We have voted for platitudes over sound legislation. Rather than promoting bipartisan solutions, we have legitimized partisan collectivism. In our rejection of global socialism, we have promoted a weak form of national socialism.The parties both desire to control the lives of the citizens of America, albeit in different ways. Along with being completely statist, neither party seems able to compromise among themselves and promote a unite front. Because of this, both parties lack any grace in public discourse and further promote divisions among the people.

George Washington once said,

“However (political parties) may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reign of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

For too long we have ignored Washington’s warnings on the perils of partisanship. Partisanship has created large bureaucracies in which our nations foundation on individual liberty and property rights have been ignored and forgotten. Even the Libertarian Party has factional problems. However, our system has parties, therefore we must use them, and yet always be skeptical. Educating the public on personal responsibility should be the priority, promoting political alternatives, or alternatives to politics itself should also be a priority.

Our society would do well to experience extreme liberty for all. Once it is experienced, it will become desired. We must start now by defending the freedoms we currently have and expanding them. In this writer’s opinion, the best way to expand liberty is to promote self-ownership and independence across the board. We must promote voluntary associations and actions above coerced collectivism. Seeing all humans as individuals who are owned by themselves and make decisions for themselves should be the goal, and we must take everything we can get on the side of liberty. As promoters of liberty, we cannot advocate using force to coerce the public into involuntary states of “liberty”. We must oppose all abuses by the government and encourage those who are being taken advantage of to avail themselves of forms of protection and self-defense.

The task at hand is a daunting one, and we must not cower at the sight of it. The bipartisan statism in the American Government must be curtailed by all of the means our republican Constitution avails us of. Liberty must be protected at all costs. It will require patience, however, it can be done.

Liberty and Inalienable Rights

Imagine a society with complete voluntary exchange. A refuge where no one is forced to do anything they do not desire to do. Persons may come and go as they please and join groups as they please. A society where individuals are allowed to worship as they see fit as long as no one is physically hurt. Speech would be free, yet polite, as everyone must take responsibility for their words and actions. 

Goods and services will be freely exchanged in between persons, as individuals pursue a better life for themselves. Instead of plunder, basic needs and desires would be supplied through voluntary exchange. A truly free market reigns, and all are responsible for their own safety and their own actions. 
This society is ideal, and the steps to get there are painful in the short run and wonderful in the long run. Anyone who believes in Liberty should work toward this free society. We may not see it in our lifetimes, however striving toward Liberty and justice for all is a noble cause. 
Generations before us fought for this, generations after us will only benefit from this fight. Patriotism is love for your country, not love for your government. Governments are set up to be questioned and challenged. Otherwise the government will claim to be the people, when in reality it should serve the people. 
Government should not be involved with the markets. Markets should not be centralized or run by a group of powerful people. Markets should be free and voluntary, with little to no regulation. Humans do not need the government to parent them or guide them, they simply need to be held responsible for their actions by other humans.  
A common argument is that men and women are not trustworthy, and therefore need a big government to tell them what to do. The major fallacy with this argument is that governments are made up of men and women. If humans are not trustworthy, then why should we then trust a few to be responsible for the livelihood of the many? On the contrary, let the individual be held responsible for themselves. 
When man is responsible for his own well being in a free market, he tends to be more tolerant of those with other views and beliefs. Money talks, as does food and shelter. The market sets the amount of tolerance one is willing to give out. Those who wish to be segregated will voluntarily segregate themselves, rather than forcing all others to segregate by law. 
The argument here is that humans have rights, the Declaration calls them inalienable rights, meaning they cannot be violated. Those rights are life, liberty, and property, among others. These rights cannot be infringed upon by anyone else. The free market is the purest way to exercise these inalienable rights.  

We Need A Jefferson

When a Frenchman who had visited Thomas Jefferson’s Unted States retuned to France, he was asked about the government. He described it as being neither seen nor felt. That description is quite contrary to our current government, which is unhealthily bloated. Our Federal Government could use a significant trim, as it is fair too engrossed in the daily lives of its people. 

When government can be felt, it means that the institution is encroaching on civil liberties and human rights. However, when people value a false sense of security they tend be indifferent about losing their rights, and are alarmed when they are neither safe or free. By the time they realize their fate it is often too late to use reason to gain liberty back. In order to avoid this, we need men and women to stand up for our liberty. 

We need a Jefferson. There are several men who stand up for liberty in the public sector. Men such as Justin Amash, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Derrick Grayson. In the presidential race Rand Paul is the most consistent advocate of Liberty outside of the Libertarian Party. Within the party there are men like Governor Johnson, Austin Petersen and Steve Kerbel. 


Monticello, Jefferson’s home
Some how these men need to have their message put out into the mainstream. However most of the media tends to ignore them, because the media thrives on a big government. If Liberty is to be advanced, we must create our own media and promote ourselves. We must support those who fight for Liberty and not quibble over the small differences. We must stand up and stop sabotaging ourselves. 

When this is done, maybe then we can find our Jefderson, a man who stands on principle. A man who downsizes the government and cuts spending. A man who reads the bills. Americans need someone who will not regulate everything to death, a leader who will encourage free market competition. Until then we will continue to lose our freedom. 

Freedom is only scary when one refuses to take responsibility for themselves. Freedom is uncomfortable, yet gratifying. Freedom gives one self respect. When comfort is valued above responsibility, we become like the Israelites of old, who feared death and begged for the comfort of slavery. However, there is no true comfort in slavery, whether it be to the government or to a plantation owner. There is only the perception of comfort. The slave cannot do with himself what he deems best for himself. The slave must do as he is told. No one with self respect can put up with this violation of liberty for long. They will find a way to fight the injustice and will support a leader like a Jefferson or a Douglass. 

Up Like Donald Trump

The Donald is on the rise.

Donald Trump is an interesting phenomenon in politics. No matter what he says, people still like him. He undoubtedly loves America, almost as much as he loves himself. He has been on both sides of many issues, however, he has stirred up the political debate in the GOP.

He is not hurting the GOP, he is making it stronger. He is bringing attention to the political system in a culture that cares more about reality television than the future of the nation. In so doing he has exposed men like Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and others, to millions of people.

Even if he becomes the nominee, he will surround himself with great minds. However, as proven by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Obama, that is no guarantee of good governing. If he comes through on ten percent of what he is campaigning on, however, he will have accomplished more than anyone since Reagan.

Trump is definitely up, and he may stay up throughout the whole race. He also may not. He is not controlled by lobbyists or special interests, and that is appealing to many Americans. We the people are sick of being ignored and overlooked. We are sick of having laws shoved down our throat despite our vehement protest.

If Trump proves anything, He proves that the American people are dissatisfied with the career politicians in America and want real change. We will find out if Trump will bring that change. It could be him, or it could be someone else.

Dr. Ben Carson: The Man

Ben Carson is an ordinary, down to earth man, who has lived an extraordinary life. He is now running for president, and has written One Nation, which is a window to his thinking.

Ben Carson is an amazing story. He grew up poor, without a father, and with anger issues. Yet his mother forced him to read and to exercise his brain. He admits that he was a poor student early on, however he started to enjoy learning and thrived. He went on to become a brain surgeon and was the first man to separate Siamese twins.

He is a self-made man, and because of this, many naively think he isn’t “black” enough. On the contrary, he is American enough. He has a strong faith in God and is unashamed of it. Calmly, he consistently preaches a message of unity, love and American pride.

If we are to survive, we need to have a president who is proud to be an American, and proud to serve the American people. We need someone who will calmly unite all the factions that have been created in America in the last eight years. There are plenty of candidates who fit this bill, and Carson is one of them.

Dr. Ben Carson strikes a classic pose.
Dr. Ben Carson strikes a classic pose.

In his book, One Nation, Dr. Ben Carson draws from experiences in his life that formulated his views. He also gives solutions to problems, such as the tax system, health care, and social issues. He stays consistently conservative and explains that a smaller government is better for everyone.

In the first GOP debate, one thing that stuck out to me was his support of building up the military so that our defense is strong. This is an important issue for those of us who want to be able to negotiate without throwing our military in harm’s way. A nation cannot negotiate from a position of weakness, we must negotiate from a position of strength.

Ben Carson is a great candidate for president, as are many of the other candidates. We need to make sure that we pick a winner, someone who loves America, and is not ashamed of our past. We need a man who will protect religious liberty along with civil liberty. Ben Carson is one great option.

Common Sense Ignored

Too often we have ignored wise counsel in this society. By now it may be too late to fully appreciate these men while they are alive, however, a young group of men is rising up. They are unafraid and tell the truth. American culture needs this to balance out the rhetoric spewed by the left about victimhood and race.

Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter E. Williams are well-known in conservative circles, yet it seems the world ignores everything they say. Even the conservatives in the past, like George Bush and others, seem to ignore the economic warnings they give out. One explanation of this is that good economics often is seen as bad politics, while bad economics may help in the short run, but only can get you elected. Bad economics cannot sustain success.

These men consistently expose the racism in, whether inadvertent or purposeful, in the “progressive” policies of the left. In actuality, these policies can be more accurately called “regressive”, as they only hamper the success of the individual and grow the government. The liberal media loves to write them off, and promote Keynesian economics, which encourages more spending.

They also show how race has been mishandled in America, however folks would rather listen to cultural Marxists and socialist idealism than actual realism. The realism of these men is as follows, that culture matters, and affects results. Thomas Sowell wrote about this extensively in his book Black Rednecks and White Liberals. 

This happens to be one of my favorite books on culture in America. Sowell breaks down the history of culture in America and other areas in the world. In so doing, he demonstrates over and over that culture matters more than race. When a culture is bad, the people suffer, and when it encourages hard work and thrift, the people thrive.

A simple concept really, yet so hard for the masses to accept. The main issue is responsibility to create a winning culture, and in an American society where everyone blames everyone else, that does not fly. Saying that the effects of the minimum wage hurt black people is sacrilege. Explaining that a welfare state is never good for anyone is taboo.

Common sense is ignored. Yet as these men age, a new group of young people are rising up. Men like Jason Riley, Allen West, Lenny McAllister and others are speaking out. Others are in the legislature, like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Tim Scott, and Will Hurd. The idea that freedom is what is best for all people is common sense, yet it is all too often ignored.

With these men, and the young libertarian movement, there is hope that all common sense is not lost. There is hope that conversations about issues that may offend, but ultimately lead to solutions, will occur. Let us not be discouraged by what the media shows, but be encouraged but what is actually out in the world. There is hope, but the agents of that hope need to succeed for it to be realized.

We’ve Been Sold Out

Obama got his deal. This deal, to many, borders on treason. If it is not treason against America, it certainly is a stab in the back of our greatest ally, Israel. Obama needed 34 votes to pass the treaty through the Senate. This is a blow to the stability in the Middle East.

How we can ignore the threat of a nation, who vows to destroy Israel, and vows to break the agreement in said treaty, is beyond me. The Senate should treat the deal as a treaty. They still can according to Andrew McCarthy. However, they have allowed themselves to push this dangerous deal through. The main issue with this deal is that we cannot trust Iran to comply.

Also, there are apparently some incredibly bad concessions in the deal. Iran is allegedly allowed to inspect themselves, which makes it easier for them to hide nuclear weapons. If this allegation is true, the American leadership has let down the world. Iran with nuclear capability makes the world a more dangerous place.

All of this aside, since when, in America, are government officials allowed to hide important information from voters and not heed their concerns? Since when do we bypass our legislature and appeal to the United Nations? We the people of America should be the priority of our diplomats, not some personal goal or feel good mission.

American patriots have been promoting a Convention of States to reel in our government. This action needs to be taken sooner than later, so that we can retain our rights, and have the government work for us. We need major reform in our government, and the people should stand up and demand it. Hopefully Republicans in the Senate fight in the next week, but i doubt that they will.

The GOP loves to promise action, but always seems to fail. The GOP is just as responsible as the Democrats. If we use our majority we could actually challenge the establishment. However, too many of the Republicans are part of the establishment. The Republican Majority in the Senate would surprise me greatly if they took a stand. Hopefully they will.