Josiah McElroy is a Christian. He was adopted at birth by his loving parents. He went to Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, Illinois. He also went to Grove City College for one year and currently is working. 

Josiah loves to write about history and politics. He is a conservative who loves America. Josiah currently lives in Kankakee, Illinois. Also, his last name, McElroy, means Son of the Red Haired Lad in Gaelic. 


One thought on “About”

  1. Dear Mr. McElroy:
    I am contacting 100 prominent black conservative influencers to ask them to contribute (in writing) to a book tentatively titled:
    “Steal Away! Why it’s time for blacks to escape the Democratic Party plantation”
    (*“Steal Away” is the title of a black spiritual that communicated that the person singing it was planning to escape from slavery.)
    Gordon Anderson at Paragon House Publishers has expressed interest in publishing the book next year before the election.
    I would prefer to contact you by email, but I could also send more information to you in writing.
    If you would prefer to receive it in writing, please send me your mailing address.
    If you would prefer to receive it by email, please send me your email address.
    Thank you in advance.
    Richard Showstack
    Tel.: (949) 287-2674


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