State’s Rights, Alaska, and Outrage

Obama changed the name of Mt. McKinley back to Mt. Denali, and Twitter is angry! Except, when I looked up the issue, I found that Alaska has been desiring this change since 1975. Also, a Republican from Alaska sponsored the bill. Now Ohio Republicans, who apparently are not friends of federalism, want to fight the ruling.

What alarms me the most about this issue is the fact that Americans, no matter what ideology, react before getting the whole story. We jump to accuse very quickly when something happens, even if it doesn’t affect us personally. To attack Obama on this before receiving all the facts is very irresponsible.

The same collective outrage occurred when Mrs. Obama danced on Ellen. She didn’t do anything outrageous, so let her dance! The idea that Alaska cannot name its own natural landmarks however they desire is anti-federalism and pro big government. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail, considering most of the outrage is coming from outside of Alaska.¬†The only reason Alaska asked Obama to issue an executive order was because Ohio kept blocking the bill.

Alaska is a state, and therefore can use federalism to change the name of parks and landmarks in their state. They did just that, and considering Mt. Denali is the original name, I have no qualms about it. Federalism is pretty cool America. It allows states to take care of local issues so that the national government can stay at a reasonable size.


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