Is Donald Trump Truly a Conservative? 

Recently everyone has been fighting over The Donald. His supporters are rabid and get offended if one asks a tough question on policy. His haters also lash out. The real question that should be asked whithout emotion being involved is whether or not he is really conservative. 

Donald Trump came into the race with a bang because of his anger about illegal immigration. He stated that a wall should be put up. This started a firestorm and waves of people supported him. The problem is this isn’t consistent, he once said the GOP was too hard on immigrants. Has he really changed? 

Another big issue is abortion. He stated that because his friend decided to have her child, and that it was a cool child, he became anti-abortion. Recently, he also said he would still support planned parenthood. So which way is it Mr. Trump? Either you are for life or you are against it! There is no in between. 

Trump also stated his support for the single-payer healthcare system. This is a system that Canada runs. Conservative Republicans have fought this system for a while now, but he wants to replace Obamacare with it. I guess the two doctors, Paul and Carson, must be stupid for supporting health savings accounts. 

The only issue Trump is consistently conservative on is his flat tax plan. He has a very good tax plan that would get rid of all the paperwork and could be filled out on a postcard. This is the problem with Trump. As entertaining as he is, he keeps talking about “Making America Great Again”, but doesn’t ever give details. We can only get outlines and sketches, and even those are sketchy.

I hope Conservatives wake up and elect a true conservative like Cruz or Paul, they don’t have “Hope and Change” rhetoric, they have facts. They vote on principle. They do not back down from liberals in both parties. They have been consistently fighting for the American people. Trump just came in at an opportune time. 


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