Do Not Tell Me That I Am Incapable Because I Am Black

One pattern in politics in America that makes me the most angry is when so called “Liberals” tell me what I am and am not capable of doing. These fools blabber on and on about how as a black man, I am so terribly oppressed. They talk about police as if they are out to get me. They tend to assume that I am stupid and need government help. 

Well, I’ll tell you what! The only help I need is from God, the only support I need is from friends and family. Family is the only place where socialism works. Bigger government telling me what to do will not work. There is a simple rule, if a man does not work, he does not eat. In the year of 2015, no college can legally discriminate on race, they discriminate in performance. 

That is, unless you are a poor oppressed black soul who made stupid decisions in his life. Then you are accepted with far lower qualification standards than white people. However if we are Americans, should we not be judged the same as everyone else? Are we not capable of using our God-given brain power? 

If a sports team enacted affirmative action for white people because “they aren’t athletic enough” people would say how ridiculous the idea is. Talent should be the measuring stick, nor skin color, right!? If a man cannot get into a certain college, he can go to a smaller college to prove himself. 

Whatever happened to earning your stripes? Now we just pat everyone on the back no matter how hard they tried and give them a trophy. This also goes for the fools who think I cannot get a photo I. D. because I am black. What kind of stupidity is that!? No one has the right to tell me what I can and cannot achieve because of my skin color! I get to tell YOU what I can do. That is how a free society works. 

Doctor King once quoted a poem that stated that the mind is the standard of the man. What do you do with your brain? How do you use it? Do you argue for division? Do you argue on behalf of all Americans!? “American am I, none can deny, he who oppresses me, him I defy!” Those are the words of Langston Hughes, and the only ones attempting to oppress me are the liberals who are stuck repeating that “black people can’t”. I defy them! 

I hope that before I die I can tell these Regressive Democrats that are clinging to Confederate rhetoric about how inferior black folks are that they are wrong, and point to how I lived my life. Or simply look at Sowell, Dr. Carson, an Allen West. They are a slap in the face to this DNC nonsense. Now we just need to realize our potential as AMERICANS. 


9 thoughts on “Do Not Tell Me That I Am Incapable Because I Am Black”

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