An American Story

Marco Rubio announced that he will be running for President of the United States yesterday. In that speech he highlighted an inspirational personal story of American Exceptionalism. His story, and his talent in public speaking, could capture the hearts of Americans. 


While This author agrees with most of Rand Paul’s ideas more than Rubio’s, Marco has excited the author for the upcoming debates. He has a likable personality and an awesome family. The only problem he may have is regaining trust after his amnesty debacle. He is talented enough in communicating to do that. 

Marco Rubio Announces Campaign

What makes this author the most excited about Rubio is that he is so proud to be an American and he wants America’s future to be better for his children and his children’s children. However while being proud of America he still hasn’t forgotten his ethnic heritage, which is important because many think it is not possible. 

Rubio inspires a positive feeling about America. A feeling Americans haven’t felt with the current president. A feeling Americans will not feel if Hillary Clinton is elected. This man is quick on his feet and knows how express his beliefs and his message. 


This is appealing, as well as the fact that he can actually give a good speech. Political speeches have become bland in recent years, however, Rubio captures and holds the listeners attention. He speaks with clarity and passion. If this man wins the primary, Americans must support him in the general election. 

If we fail to do so we will have no one to blame for the problems we will face other than ourselves. I hope my fellow Americans will rise and strive for American excellence once again. The hope of America lies in its voters, if the voters speak we can change the course of the nation for the better. 

As we move into this season, I challenge everyone to stick to arguing policies and fact, and to stay away from personal attacks. Personal attacks only discredits those who make them, it makes them look jealous and hateful. These attacks should not exist in politics.

Unfortunately they do, however the main issue here is the future of our country. Are we going to regress economically, or move forward with purpose and responsibility? The choice is yours America! Your fate lies in your hands! Make a wise choice! 



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