Why is it So Important?

Right now everyone is obsessed with college basketball because of March Madness. It’s all good fun and making brackets is pretty cool too. I used to make brackets and passively watch to see how well I did. I was never much of a college basketball fan however, so I’ve never done exceptionally well.

    I’ve always wondered why people would bet on these games, especially since they are so unpredictable. It baffles me.

    While everyone has their own ideas about what to do with their money, betting may be the most foolish idea ever. Also, since when did betting make things more fun? For me, watching the games is enough. I did not make a bracket this year, simply because I did not want to. I could have without betting, and most of my friends did. I might do it next year.

    This leads me to my next question, why did sports become so important and engulfing in our society? We don’t focus on the important things going on around us anymore. We are distracted in epic proportions and it is scary. Instead of being aware of our country and other countries, we go and tailgate and get drunk. We do not seem to take life seriously at all. Most of all, we are ignoring God and putting college basketball and other sports in His place. In essence, sports is America’s god.

    Sports being your god is dangerous. Sports cannot die for your sin. Sports cannot teach you love. Sports will not save you from Satan’s temptation. Sports can be useful if managed the right way. Sports can teach life lessons and discipline. Sports can teach a man how to keep his body healthy and to take care of his temple. However, if sports is put on a pedestal in your life, and made into your god, you are in a dangerous place.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love sports as much as anybody. However I’ve come to realize that in our culture, sports as taken a dangerous place in the hearts of men. Men idolize sports heroes, and women worship their bodies. Athletes many times have way too much of an impact on the thoughts of young people. Some, like Tim Tebow and Reggie White have used it the right way, while others are too immature to realize that they are role models whether they like it or not, and do foolish things.

    The best way to combat this is to emphasize education and to educate the right way. No government should have to tell parents how to parent, but sadly, the generation before us is very immature, and all they have is the government to guide them, when they should be relying on God. And everywhere I go, all I hear is people talking about how Kentucky won and no one is really talking about Jesus, myself included. I feel like this is a wrong picture. Something is missing in this picture. The athletes are only able to jump and run and play because God allows them to.

    Even when a well-known speaker came to my campus a few days ago, everyone was excited because of the speaker. Why can’t we always be excited when someone is going to speak about Jesus!? Why do we only get excited when someone popular is coming or a great athlete is speaking? Why is our attitude messed up? Why are we this way?

    We are this way because we are human. We must thank God every day for His grace. However, just because He shows grace and mercy does not mean we should continue in our ignorant ways. We must fight to love God, He will help us. He already guaranteed it. We must act on it. Praise God for that!

    I hope that whoever reads this will understand, I am not saying don’t play or watch sports, knock yourself out. Just remember who created you and remember what is really important. Remember what the world is going through right now. Examine yourself, what are your priorities? Who is important to you? Make sure God is at the top of the list!







5 thoughts on “Why is it So Important?”

  1. I appreciate this piece. Our society has become overly rapped up in amusements that life’s necessities have been neglected by the masses. Thank G-d I’m not the only one to see it!


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